Tuesday, March 26, 2013

EASTER according to a five-year-old

After attending our church’s ‘A Walk through Holy Week’ family event including 7 interactive stations of the cross, a children’s booklet with things for them to look for and do at each station and supper, Sinead, our then five year old drew her response. Her Dad (Jason Goroncy) asked her to tell him about her drawings.... 

‘Anyway’, she said, ‘it’s all about Jesus’.

‘But what about the empty tomb?’ asked her theologian father.

‘We don’t worship the tomb, daddy’, she said. ‘Jesus is the bit that matters’.

‘So why is there a cross?’

‘Because people always seem to forget about that bit, and because that’s how Jesus remembers himself to us’.

‘But what about the yellow bit?’

‘Ah. That bit is just to make it pretty, silly’.

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