Monday, June 23, 2014

Bums and Maybe's

I was sharing with a group of emerging children’s ministry leaders from Baptist churches the other day.  One leader shared a heartwarming story of outreach in her community.  Grandmothers in her church offer to open their homes once a week for a group called “Mums and Babies”. “Our husbands call it “Bums and Maybe’s” she said.

I know I have a wicked sense of humour.  Is that why I love that name!

Young church members mums and their children (“bums” on pews/ seat people) invite non-church mums and children (“maybe’s”) to a weekly morning tea at a Grandma’s house.  “We start with morning tea, then one of the “bums”, oops mums shares a bible story with everyone.  Then the babies, toddler and children go off with the host grandma and a couple of others who come to support, often bringing their own grandchildren too,  to respond to the story through crafts and play.  The mums have a discussion based on the story.  At the end there is a time for prayer and lots of the “non-Christian” mums ask for prayer and report on how their prayers have been answered!”

What a wonderful way to “be church” in a non-threatening way and introducing non-Christians to the amazing life changing stories of Jesus’ ministry on earth then and now.


  1. Go the Grandma's! And I love the nickname "bums", as you would when you have a surname like mine! What an awesomely simple and yet blessed ministry.

  2. Yes Mr Ramsbottom....interesting this post has reached more than any other post we have made. maybe we should use more cheeky words in our communications!